Web Portfolio

StartupTacoma is a community website created to help startups succeed in Tacoma, Washington.

Breakout VR is a virtual reality game inspired by the arcade classic Breakout.

3DTransform is a web application and API which will convert any 3D model into the STL file format used by 3D printers. 3DTransform converted over 100,000 files and regularly received over 5,000 unique visitors per month.

CFDDTacoma is the website of a non-profit professional organization for those who work in Finance and Credit.

Nutsch Consulting is a WordPress based site built or a consulting business.

RainierViewRooter is a commercial website for a construction business.

LocationSquare is an app which will tell you if a given location is a good place for a new business.

HowlingHusky is a commercial website for a web design business.

Majestic Tacoma is an online listing of fun things to do in the area around Tacoma, Washington.

DebtDispatch is a B2B debt collection automation tool which uses API integration to send messages via SMS, email, text-to-voice telephone, and USPS. The application was created for a private corporate client and is not available for public use.

SentenceRecognition is a web API which does natural language processing. Although no longer publicly available, the API was been called over 100,000 times in its first year.